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Why is the Torah so important? How can we prove the existence of G-d? How do we know that G-d created the world? Does it make a difference if we believe in G-d? Why do/don't we believe in the Theory of Evolution? How do we know that G-d still runs the world? What is a Jew and what is Judaism? Why doesn't life seem to run more perfectly more in line with Jewish beliefs? How do we know the Torah is authentic? Why isn't there immediate reward and punishment? Why is there pain and suffering? How do we know that the Torah is G-d given? What is the Source of Jewish law? Are the Torah laws old-fashioned? Why are there many separate branches of Judaism? What is the rationale behind Shabbos and Yom Tov, Kashrus, Tefillah, Tefillin, Tzitzis, Yarmulkah, and Mezuzah,....? Are there rationales for the Mitzvos all together? What is the role of the Jewish woman, and are why are women different than men in Jewish life? What is wrong with assimilation? Why do Jews reject the Nazarene as a Messiah or Mohammad as the one true prophet?

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