Evaluating Science via the yardstick of Torah


Ever since Marx, Freud, Darwin and the Enlightenment philosophers (e.g. Hume and Kant), the philosophical and scientific establishment has waged a war against Teleology (purpose) in the universe. But the universe manifests Plan and Purpose; the universe shows evident signs of G-d’s Wisdom and Kindliness.

The Torah has its own value system, and science must be evaluated on the basis of fundamental principles of Torah and proper thought. The Chovos Halevavos (introduction) places the highest value on the Intellect that G-d implanted in mankind as a tool to develop awareness of the Creator via a study of His creation. Thus, in each Gate, the author provides reasons for the fundamental principles of Torah (such as the Unity of G-d) based on (1) Intellect, backed up by quotes from (2) the Written Torah and (3) the Oral Torah (Mishna and Gemara).

Disclaimer: We often quote philosophers and scientists (atheists and theists), but it should be obvious that this does not in any way imply that we support their worldview or philosophies. Each quote should be understood in the context in which it is provided.