Return of the G-d hypothesis


Most students get their information from secular (even atheistic) sources that are antithetical to belief in G-d. How do we wake them from their slumber?

Stephen Meyer: In a recent interview, while I was presenting some scientific discoveries that may point to the existence of God, a camera operator, a young woman whom I’ll call Maria, began to weep visibly. Later she told me the reason for her tears.

Like many young people, Maria believed in God when she arrived in college. But while there, she repeatedly encountered professors who insisted that based on “the science” God was a myth. No more real than Santa Claus.

Maria didn’t feel equipped to challenge her professors. She eventually left college with nagging doubts about her faith and wondering whether life, including her own life, might be nothing more than a cosmic accident.

Many young people share Maria’s doubts.

See 5 short videos by Meyer (each one 5 minutes) that should cause any curious and intelligent student to re-think what they are taught, and to start asking questions about the natural and moral order.

Ten Sayings & Ten Commandments: The Mishna points out that it states ten times in the first chapter of Genesis "God said let there be ...". The natural order was created with Ten Sayings. Likewise, there are Ten Commandments (the Hebrew is "Ten Words" or "Dibrot") for the creation of the moral order of the Cosmos.

Does design require a Designer?

Keep that question in mind as you look at some relatively recent scientific discoveries about the origin of life and the universe in 5 short videos. The big discoveries in science include:

  1. The universe had a beginning.1
  2. Right from the very beginning, the universe has been finely tuned for Life against all odds.
  3. There have been very large infusions of digital information (such as found in the DNA code) into our biosphere since the beginning.

This argues for a transcendental Creator for the universe who continues to guide it with Plan and Purpose.

Furthermore, all these scientific discoveries were made in the context of a religious Bible based belief in the intelligibility of the Cosmos (because man is created in the "image" of God, i.e. with intellect and free-will).

Atheists have no reasoned evidence against any of this. So what we have is a rational Bible for the natural order. Atheism (as taught in public universities and schools) have nothing, other than nonsense of a higher order2, so bad that they are "not even wrong"!

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  1. We do not subscribe to big bang cosmology. But it does raise the interesting question of how science looks at the origin of the Cosmos. See:

  2. Moshe Averick, Nonsense of a High Order: The Confused World of Modern Atheism. 2016.